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collecting data is important

If you can use it.  The collection process influences volunteer engagement, the more rigorous the task the more the volunteer has to invest to accomplish it.  The commitment should go both ways, presenting interim results and usable data sets to volunteers is just one way to show the value of the work being accomplished.

get the discussion going

Early results can also influence the discussion and serve as a means of communication to other interested groups.  The more your data is  scrutinized the better your final product will be.

example: the swiss litter report

The Swiss Litter Report is a joint project.  The idea is to establish baseline values of litter density along  Swiss rivers and lakes.  Based on the Montreux Clean Beach Project , hundreds of WWF volunteers meticulously collect, sort and count the garbage found on the water line.  Following the MLW guidelines the results of each survey are stored on the European Environment Agency servers.

This has resulted in the first ever litter density map of Switzerland.

We would like to thank the volunteers of the SLR by presenting them with these midterm results.

Map of beach litter survey results

Swiss Litter Report Apr - Aug 2017

change layers to see density of categories

Data from the SLR

Output files from report processing, notebook files

Site reports SLR

individual reports for the sampling locations

size A4, .png opens new window

The output for the map and reports is automated (almost).
Take a look at our notebook to see how we do it.

Link to jupyter notebook on Github
The data provided here is collected and reported by volunteers, we are also unpaid. Please feel free to alert us of any inconsistencies you find.  Your feedback is appreciated.

hammerdirt and EPFL


Students investigate aquatic litter sources and causes in freshwater environments.

This project is running now.

MCBP and SLR combined results

Lakes vs Rivers litter densities, 2015-2017

change layers to see density of medical items
For the second year, a beach litter inventory was organized by Professor Christian Ludwig for the students of "Solid Waste Engineering" at the ' École polytechnique fédérale, Lausanne' (EPFL) and students from Geneva International School.

Students from the EPFL will be making posters based on this experience to be presented at the World Resources Forum in October.

Data from the day

Output files from report processing, notebook files

Updated Site Reports




Charts , Graphs, Map data


The data provided here is collected and reported by volunteers, we are also unpaid. Please feel free to alert us of any inconsistencies you may find.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.



Creek week 2017:

Establishing a base line

The junction of Cordova Creek and the American River benefits from regular surveillance by hammerdirt California.  Over 50 samples have been collected over the past 18 months.  The variety and quantity of trash found at this site has been well documented.

Every year the "Sacramento Area Creeks Council" organizes a one week event that includes trash pick-ups and water quality testing.  Hammerdirt was invited to organize a couple of inventories with creek week volunteers all over the county.

Cordova Creek and Creek Week 2017

aggregated results

Testing the base line

The results from three other locations were compared with the aggregated results from the Cordova creek site.

Reports from Creek Week

  site reports for each location in Creek Week

Data from Creek Week

Output files from report processing, notebook files

hammerdirt  Services


Research assistance:

  • Assist in the development of effective sampling techniques
  • Developing a protocol, research and preparation
  • Creation of digital (or paper) collection forms
  • Background research and literature reviews
  • Familiar with biology and laboratory methods
  • Work in python and java

Project Management:

  • Provide data centered content
  • Provide data management and diffusion services
  • Provide interim reports
  • Provide training to volunteers, quality control
  • Custom graphs and analysis
  • web ready out put : java script/google api

ready for the field

AREAS UNDER DEVELOPMENT: automation of data handling, diy - water quality sensor, report templates, integration of OSM data, cloud services.
Projects coming to an end:
  • Microbiological survey
  • Montreux clean beach III
OUR INTERESTS: water quality, resource management, surfing, aquatic biology, zoology, python, java script, horticulture, pisciculture, art


contact : info@hammerdirt.ch
twitter: hammerdirt
GitHub: hammerdirt
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WHO is hammerdirt ?

gary hare

Gary is responsible for all things California.  Organizing volunteers, coordinating activities with other groups, sampling and data management.

shannon Erismann

Geologist from the University of Hawaii, former hydrologist for the state of Missouri.  Shannon organizes volunteers, is responsible for logistics and quality control of samples.

Thor Erismann:

Currently finishing a masters in quantatative economics at Science Po in Paris.  Thor collects samples and provides input on service development.

man w. shovel

Some guy with a shovel

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contact : info@hammerdirt.ch
twitter: hammerdirt
GitHub: hammerdirt
Facebook: hammerdirt
LinkedIn: hammerdirt

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