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quantifying the visible pollutants in the environment

based on observations by ordinary people

the montreux clean beach

 Water is better without garbage
A systematic method to compare the density of litter across a region.

Montreux Clean Beach Project (MCBP) uses the same methods as other programs all over the world.
  • All visible items are removed from the shoreline
  • The shoreline is measured
  • The items are classified and counted
 It takes time to get  DATA
Picking up and sorting trash is hard work.

It takes 2-5 hours to do one beach inventory.  The time is mostly spent on counting and classifying.  The marine litter watch classification system is used to identify the objects.

Once the objects are sorted the results are documented and stored on a public server.

  A protocol used by many countries

Beach litter densities Lac Léman

Aggregated results from 100 beach litter surveys from 2015 - 2017

Choose layers to see the densities of particular categories of items

~ Preview ~

Start with a beach...
  • Start with a beach...
  • A tarp and white tape makes a grid
  • Pick up all the trash you see
  • There are alot of little bits
  • Sort it and count it
read: the ln(beach-litter-density)

Required reading

publications, project plans and protocols

Data from the MCBP

Output files from report processing, notebook files

Site reports MCBP

individual reports for the sampling locations

Downloads from the MCBP, file opens up in new window:

Thats a good thing:

The data collected by volunteers is stored by either the European Environment Agency (Marine Litter Watch Data) or the Marine Conservation Society of the United Kingdom (OSPAR) data.

The results from the MCBP were compared to the available public data.

The idea caught on last year, we teamed up with STOPPP and WWF to create the first Swiss national litter report:
  • The data is collected the same way as the MCBP
  • Volunteers all over Switzerland
  • International standards of categorization
  • Density can be expressed as either a linear or surface area value
So now the all the data from MCBP can be compared to the data from the Swiss Litter Report (SLR) - Link to SLR data presentation


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